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AC Compressors

AC Compressores

AC Compressors
AC Compressors

Chih Yang can supply a wide range of AC Compressors, at least more than 3000 kinds of products, they are for the passenger cars, trucks, SUV, fork lifts, buses. All the major vehicles are covered. We can also produce customized product.

Chih Yang Auto Parts Ent., Ltd. ( Chie Yang Ent., Ltd. )

Chih Yang Auto Parts Ent., Ltd.

ADDRESS  No. 22-1, Ln. 273, Renlin Rd., Renwu Dist, Kaohsiung City 81461, Taiwan

TEL  +886-7-3722118

FAX  +886-7-3728619

( Chie Yang Ent., Ltd. )

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