Aftermarket Manufacturer / Exporter and Importer



Alternators : over 3000 various assembling items.

Starters : over 2000 different assembling items.

AC compressors : over 3000 assembling items.

Annual Export Volume : 120,000 pcs

Alternators & Starters –

More focus on Japanese Series Vehicles from year 2000 to 2011.

Mitsubishi and Denso Types are our best selling.

AC compressors –

Not limited.

Canadian D&V Testing Machines, ALT-98H, ST-16, JBT-5, JBT-1

Wai Regulator Tester, Taiwan Brand Alternator and Starter Testing Machines

AC compressor pressure testing benches, Noise testing machines.

Chih Yang Auto Parts Ent., Ltd.

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